Weijane Lin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dept. of Library and Information Science

National Taiwan University


Dr. Weijane Lin is an Associate Professor at National Taiwan University’s Department of Library and Information Science, and currently the Division Head of e-Learning at  Computer and Information Networking Center. She joined the faculty as an assistant professor in February, 2010. She has a research and teaching background in higher education in multimedia studies, and is currently researching the use of media technology to support learning in various fields.

Weijane received her BS and MS in Agricultural Extension from National Taiwan University in 2001, 2004 respectively. After her studies in the applications of educational technology in extension education, she realised the importance of instructional message and media design, and has been inspired to further explore the research fields. She received her Ph.D. in Informatics from the Division of Multimedia Application with the Dept. of Intelligence Science & Technology, Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University in Japan under the supervision of Dr. Minoh Michihiko in 2009. In her 4-years doctoral studies, Weijane designed and developed a systematic supporting mechanism, from instructional to information systems, to facilitate the interactivity and interaction in international distance education.

She currently teaches courses related to multimedia studies including Human-Computer Interaction, Needs Inquiry, User Behaviour Research, Media Presentation and Preservation for Digital Archive, eBook & Digital Publishing, Museum Learning and Museum Visitor Studies at the Department of Library and Information Science.  Her research interests include the performance support design using multimedia for user experiences and human-computer interaction.

Weijane Lin, Ph.D.