Join MMLab

For Prospective Students

Students who are interested in the following research fields are encouraged to join MMLab:

  • Multimedia applications and presentations
  • Learning analytics and human performance support
  • Museum learning, library instruction and outreach communication design

Ways to join us

Undergraduate or graduate students interested in the research fields of MMLab are welcome to join us through a variety of activities including:

  • Independent Studies (專題研究/個別研究課程)
  • Pocket Seminar for junior students (專題課程、選修課程)
  • MOST/NSTC Undergraduate Student Research Project (科技部大專生參與專題研究計畫), Application due every February

Routines in MMLab

Every member with MMLab is required to develop his/her own topic of research based on individual interest, expectation and competencies. Accompanied with these topics, there are several activities to facilitate the learning and research within MMLab.

  • Bi-weekly Study Group: Review key references of specific topics [ Template ]
  • Monthly Progress Report: Individual progress review
  • End-of-semester Joint Labinars: Meeting with project partners
  • Academic events, conference or meetings
  • Teaching assistants: Assist and conduct instruction
  • Resources: Equipments Registration

Admissions & Graduation

MMLab is a joint disciplinary laboratory with the Department and Graduate Institute of Library and Information Science in the College of Liberal Arts. We have also partnered with HPLab to establish a Social Lab that integrates media technology applications with human performance insights for a variety of interaction studies. Graduate students in their first year of study are able to request a faculty member to be their thesis advisor. About 2-3 master students will be admitted to MMLab annually. The academic requirements for master's degree and the important dates are